Lift The Impossible

Lift The Impossible

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PB’s Lifting Playlist : PR Song of the Week

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Welcome To Power Brigade!

Hi there my fellow strength enthusiast! My name is Ed Ashley or “munkified” as I like to call myself on social media and I am the Owner / Creator / Author / Humble Servant of this site, Power-Brigade.com.

To keep this short (ain’t nobody’s got time to read an essay on the “About Me” section) my main intention of creating this site is because of one reason and that is support. I love it when I watch clips or read about how someone is going after a PR/PB (personal record / personal best) or have a question they need answered and people just get together to support / help and that sense of camaraderie is amazing.

I sincerely hope that this will grow to be another platform (pun so intended) for strength enthusiasts all over the world to converse, share and most importantly to come together as a community to help fulfill each others’ lifting goals and that will only happen because of awesome people like you.

Thank you for taking the time to look through the site and always believe that you can

Lift The Impossible.


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